About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic


Mother-Love Hospital is the brainchild of Mr. Kwasi Nkansa & Mrs. Margaret Nkansa. It came into being in January 2001 as a Maternity Home.

The name Mother-Love came from the love and care the late Mrs. Margaret Nkansa (the first Matron of the facility) showed to her family, clients and everyone she came into contact with just as Florence Nightingale in the 1860s.

Originally, it was housed in the outhouse of the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Nkansa located in Fafraha. As a Maternity it had only three persons manning it.

It continued in the said outhouse until November 2007 when it was relocated to its present premises (H No. 3, North West Fafraha Accra-Dodowa Road Accra).

Management of the then maternity home decided, having regard to the rapid growth of the institution to apply and did obtain a certificate from Ghana Private Hospitals and Maternity Homes Board, as a Clinic.

The certificate to run the Maternity Home to the level of Clinic was granted by the said body on 11th December 2008.

On 2nd November 2009 after running as a Clinic for almost one year, the Ghana Private Hospitals and Maternity Homes Board granted Mother-Love a Primary Hospital Certificate Status.

Mother-Love Hospital, a subsidiary of Mother-Love Co. Ltd is a private institution which provides healthcare to all manner of persons.

It is located on the Accra-Dodowa road, about 100meters from the old Accra-Aburi Police Barriers.

Our Vision

We will strive to provide better and affordable, quality healthcare delivery to everyone.

Our Mission

To provide and achieve consistent and superior stakeholder value through the provision of quality patient care and clinical service delivery.

Our commitment is quality. We take PRIDE in the quality of healthcare services we provide to our clients.


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

The governing council of Mother-Love Hospital is the Board of Directors who supervises and provides policies for implementation

For every institution to be properly organized it needs to have its structure in place. Mother-Love Hospital is no exception.


  • There is also in place the Management team whose function(s) includes the day to day Administration and Operation of the Institution and also implement the policy guidelines issued by the Board of Directors. The Management Team is made up of (4) members (The C.E.O., The Administrator, The Medical Director and Matron of the facility).



We promised to take care… and delivered

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