Mother-Love Hospital Laboratory operates a 24hr service to process a wide range of tests with ultramodern equipment to ensure that we produce accurate and reliable results to enable doctors carry out proper diagnosis in conjunction with a pertinent history and physical examination and also for the evaluation of patient’s response to therapy and management. We also accept and serve clients from other health facilities without any prior notification required.

In Mother-love hospital laboratory, we believe that a patient is the most important person in our facility, he is not an interruption to our hospital but he is part of it. We also believe that we are not doing him a favor by serving him, instead he is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

In the era of modern technology in healthcare delivery, medical laboratory services play a pivotal role in the promotion, curative and preventive aspects of a nation’s health delivery system. The overall significance of the laboratory diagnosis is that, they guide towards the administration of the most effective therapy so us to restore a proper health for a patient. As a result of this, Mother-Love Hospital Laboratory is committed to raising the standard of healthcare delivery in Ghana and West Africa as a whole, where our services are motivated by quality, accuracy, accessibility, affordability, and excellence.

We accept laboratory requests in all fields of laboratory investigation such as Hematology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Chemical pathology Radiology and also produce accurate results in the shortest possible time with accuracy in mind. Results are always kept under lock and key to maintain high level of confidentiality.  This is because at Mother-Love Hospital, we believe that no other person expect the doctor and other personnels who are directly involved in the health delivery triangle must be privy to the results of an individual. Laboratory results are electronically delivered to in-house doctors on duty and results for external laboratory requests are sent through e-mail or by means of hand delivery.

At Mother-Love Hospital Laboratory, we have well trained medical laboratory staff who are always poised to go any length to ensure that client’s tests are conducted in a well-tailored manner, strictly adhering to all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to produce accurate and reliable results that always reflect the biological and biochemical state of patients samples collected.

Though medical laboratory ethics stipulates that final diagnosis are done by eligible doctors only, our competent staff members are always ready to give basic interpretation and advice that is solely based on the laboratory result produced and also refer clients to doctors for in depth consultation and diagnosis where necessary.

The laboratory is always ready to serve all and sundry at all times throughout the week without any special appointment required except in cases that require pre-testing education and preparation. Walk through our doors and you will have a wonderful experience, we are looking forward to have you as our honorable guest.