The Records and Front Desk Department is the first point of call at Mother-Love Hospital where patients and visitors are welcomed by greeting in person or on the telephone, answering enquiries.

The department runs a 24 hour service from Monday-Sunday. The records department is computerized with internet connection and a software platform on which medical information of clients such as patient identification, illness, history, physical examination, clinical findings, investigations, diagnosis, treatment given and end results are saved and kept safe whereby protecting client rights by maintaining confidentiality of personal information.

Our Front Desk staffs are equipped with skills and qualifications such as Multi-tasking, Flexibility, Telephone skills, Customer service, Time management, attention to details, Scheduling, professionalism and quality focus on our job.

We bring our very best to work by optimizing client satisfaction and scheduling appointments of clients in person or by telephone. We also keep clients appointment on schedule by notifying doctors of client appointment and arrival.

The department has a complaint desk where clients give positive and negative feedbacks .Views and contributions are then received and addressed with immediate effect and commendations are given where necessary. We comfort our clients by anticipating client anxieties, answering questions and maintaining the reception.

Clients who visit Mother-Love Hospital for the first time would be asked to provide the following details for registration at the Front Desk:

-Name of client

-Date of birth

-Resident address

-Contact/phone number


-Marital status


-Guardian details.

The above information is used to create client folder after which the hospital identity card is issued to clients.