PHARMACY DEPARTMENT PROFILE

Mother-love pharmacy is the department of the hospital which deals with procurement, storage, compounding, dispensing, packaging and distribution of drugs.

The pharmacy is controlled by a professionally competent and a qualified pharmacist.


  • To ensure the availability of right medication, at right time, in the right dose at the minimum possible cost.
  • To act as a counseling department for medical staff, nurses and for the patient.
  • To act as a data bank on drug utilization.
  • To professionalize the function of pharmaceutical services in a hospital.


  • To maintain liaison between medical, nursing and patient.
  • Patient counseling.
  • Dispensing of medication to out-patient.
  • Selection of reliable suppliers.
  • Distribution of medicament in the ward.

The pharmacy is located in the ground floor in the first floor. There is sufficient space for seating of patient, pharmacy store room, packaging and labeling.