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Patients are registered at the reception and are seen on first come, first serve basis, however out of turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency and senior citizen. Patients have the right to consult any doctor. In OPD, clinical consultation is provided to patients which includes history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis and providing prescription to patients besides advising laboratory tests in some cases. OPD has a waiting hall with chairs, a TV, public utilities like drinking water and toilets. Sub waiting areas are available in front of individual consultation rooms. Wheel chairs, trolleys and attendants are there to help very sick patients.

In-patient care is available to all clients who require admission or detention.There are male and female wards as well one in a room, VIP wards available for clients to choose from. Nurses are always close by to assist clients.

There is a well equipped theatre for major and minor surgical procedures under general and local anesthesia like cesarean section,hernia repair, appendectomy, suturing of lacerations etc.

Provides services for minor surgical procedure like dressing of lacerated wound, suturing of minor lacerations & resuturing, excision of corns and sebaceous cysts (done under local anesthesia.)

  1. Obstetric and Gynaecology
  2. Surgical
  3. Eye/Ophthalmology
  4. Dietician
  5. Xray and ECG services
  6. Dental Services
  7. Paediatrician (Soon)
  8. Physician Specialist
  9. Family Physician (Soon)

Trained laboratory staff are providing best services which includes painless blood withdrawal Services of qualified Lab Technicians accredited laboratory are also available for carrying out specialized tests. In Mother-Love Hospital lab services are 24/7

24hours Mobile Money  services done by trained staff.

  • Our well stocked pharmacy provides medications to clients at competitive prices around the clock.

24 hours patient transport vehicle available. Patients are transported from home to hospital and patients referred by emergency duty doctor to empanelled hospital for specialized case

Our well trained sonographers with the help of our state of the art scan machine assist doctors diagnose our clients.Scans can be booked or done on walk in basis. Scans are done daily on weekdays from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Postnatal Clinics are organized every Wednesday morning, where children get their immunisations and mothers get counselling on common childhood illnesses.

Our family planning services include all the modern methods (pills, injectables ,implants, IUCD). Our trained staff offer up to date counselling sections to all our clients.

Over here at Mother-Love Hospital, our dental services is one of the best if not the best. We therefore entreat you to come and experience a stress free dental care. Mother-Love! Your Health, We Care!

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