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An ultrasound is performed to allow your doctor or ultrasound technician(sonographer) visualize the inside of your body and accessing your internal body organs like liver and kidneys to evaluate for normal versus abnormal appearances.

There is no evidence that scans are harmful because ultrasound uses no radiation, unlike other imaging techniques like X-ray.

Ultrasound uses sound waves, and for this reason it has been the preferred methods for decades in examining a developing baby during pregnancy.

Pregnancy scans are done to identify baby position(presentation), amniotic fluid(liquor), baby’s weight, gestation period, baby’s gender, fetal well-being and any possible abnormalities concerning the baby in the mother’s womb.

Our ultrasound department operates a 24hr service to perform a wide range of scans ensuring that doctors can have the necessary information to carry out proper diagnosis and treatment of patients.
The department’s goal is to earn trust and respect from our patients and doctors. We are dedicated to providing all of our services, not only on the highest professional standards but in a comfortable atmosphere.

We also provide a walk-in service and emergency scans for our clients.